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Dudesnude mobile

- Search for guys in your area, or while on the go.
- GPS location based search to find men in your area.
- iPhone, Android and BlackBerry compatible
- Cruise, Chat, view profiles & images and meet men locally.
- 'send map' feature - attach a map with your current location to messages you send
- no app content censorship / no adverts / all the features of the full site on your cell phone

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Gay Profiles, Pics & Videos

- 1000’s on hot men worldwide for chats, meets, camming and cruising
- huge number of gay amateur videos and pictures
- all pics and videos are free to view for all users
- All videos and pictures are easily searchable – find what you want now!

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(Un)Dress Code

- membership requires at least 1 picture where your shirt is off (pants/trousers and underwear remain optional) ....that's why we're called dudesNUDE.com, right?

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Search & Match (link to http://dudesnude.com/help.php?showid=65)

- Online now feature
- Search and find the profiles, pics or videos you want easily and for free
- Our search engine will find guys you like, guys that like you, and will even tell 2 guys that they both like each other if they do!
- powerful database search - find guys who are exactly your type and showing what you like to see in their pics and videos
- dudematch - an advanced search facility that tracks down guys who are both each other's type
- travel diary- lets you see which guys are visiting your area
- how it works

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Webcam chat

- see other dudes camming, do some camming yourself

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Your Profile

- Free profile for everyone. See sample profile here (Link to sample profile)
- upload videos, pictures, your preferences, and information about yourself
- Upgrade and get cool extras!
- Belong to a community of like minded individuals and restrict access to the dudesnude communities that are your type
- make your pics/profile 'members only' or publicly accessible
- get to see not just how many hits your profile and pics are getting, but also stats on what people are searching for
- join in and chat in the webcam chat room, post in forums and get involved in the dudesnude community
- control over who sees your stuff
- on-site messaging system so you don't need to give out your email
- adversise yourself to our members and online and become a featured member
- verification system to show you and others are real people

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Chat and Pic Forums

- get involved in the dudesnude community: everything from health advice to raunchy discussions
- post messages and pictures
- create new threads, and chat as much as you want with other members

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Community & Health

- large health and community resourse section
- Safe sex information
- STD info

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Become a supporter / upgrade now:

Get cool extras! The infrastructure needed to serve around 2 megabytes of data every second combined with the administration involved in the profile and verification checking processes result in BIG overheads.

To help support us you can
- Upgrade yourself to get the benefits below
- Buy supporter benefits as a gift for another dudesnude member profile.
- Pay discreetly online with your credit card, by check or money order

Guys who help pay the bills by making a support payment receive:


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Book 'featured profile' days

Be seen by around 25,000 guys in 24 hours! Appear as one of the 5 'featured profiles' on the home page of dudesnude.com for a day. We book a maximum of 5 places per day, so your profile will appear to everyone logging in* - great if you've just had a new set of pictures taken, or have been working out hard at the gym and want to show it off!

Un-booked places on the day will be filled using random 'supporters' who are online now - another reason to pay the support fee (above)

To book, please buy a featured profile day credit. dudesnude days start and end at 11:59pm GMT (check your timezone for what this means for you)
Price is $19 per day

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